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Your NeighborHood`s Lawn Care Specialist
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We are commited to providing the best landscape maintenance services to Residential and Commercial clients on the Big Island of Hawaii. We give you professional results you want without the guesswork or uncertanty. Hire a Company that will treat your property as if it were their own. Only Green Acres Lawn Care offers easy online bill pay.
We are Licensed & Fully Insured. Contact us at
      I just thought I would come out to Hawaii to work on my tan at the "BEACH" sip on a few maitais and relax catch some sunsets. The closest I got to the "BEACH" was cutting the grass next to the "BEACH" and then I get hosed down at the end of the day. OH I'm getting my tan on alright. I also see many sunsets and yet many sun rises too and I live in a trailer! Welcome to wedograss.com It`s actually I do grass I don't know where the we came in but I do most the work, I'm the teams MASCOT (yellow dude on left) my name is CUBBY short for (CUB CADET) and in the middle that`s my brother he`s just a SCAG he is such a show off on the huge acre lots. I have a new big brother he`s a BAD BOY it looks like he ate alot of poi & lau lau this brudda is BIG  I mean SUMO BIG the cows could starve because of him (hehehe). But in Hawaii we do grass...... by the yard (Bermuda, centipede, zoysia, kentucky) you know what I mean.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower
50 inch mowing deck
22 hp engine

I Graduated top in my class for doing grass
I have done many types of grass and mowed them to perfection
I was in G-UNIT (grass unit) because I am very good at what I do
~ Grazing in yards
~ Mulching
~ Piggy back rides
~ Going to the park (I love the park)
~ Golf - I had to give it up I couldn't focus on the ball
~ When it rains I can make grass patties on the lawn but the boss said no grass patties
   please so I can't play in the rain (but sometimes I do)
~ I`m also in the cub scouts (cub cadet) get it

~ We all speak a little Spanish GRASS-E-ASS

I hope to see you on the turf where I can show off my stuff.
Remember folks you can only find me at Green Acres Lawn Care I come with a Satisfaction Guarantee or
DOUBLE YOUR GRASS BACK. If you see us doing grass in public please honk your horn and give us a big shaka.
                        Mahalo for your support                           Doing Grass Since 2005                
                                 Born to Ride

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