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      I just thought I would come out to Hawaii to work on my tan at the "BEACH" sip on a few maitais and relax catch some sunsets. The closest I got to the "BEACH" was cutting the grass next to the "BEACH" and then I get hosed down at the end of the day. OH I'm getting my tan on alright. I also see many sunsets and yet many sun rises too and I live in a trailer! Welcome to wedograss.com It`s actually I do grass I don't know where the we came in but I do most the work, I'm the teams MASCOT (yellow dude on left) my name is CUBBY short for (CUB CADET) and in the middle that`s my brother he`s just a SCAG he is such a show off on the huge acre lots. I have a new big brother he`s a BAD BOY it looks like he ate alot of poi & lau lau this brudda is BIG  I mean SUMO BIG the cows could starve because of him (hehehe). But in Hawaii we do grass...... by the yard (Bermuda, centipede, zoysia, kentucky) you know what I mean.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower
50 inch mowing deck
22 hp engine

I Graduated top in my class for doing grass
I have done many types of grass and mowed them to perfection
I was in G-UNIT (grass unit) because I am very good at what I do
~ Grazing in yards
~ Mulching
~ Piggy back rides
~ Going to the park (I love the park)
~ Golf - I had to give it up I couldn't focus on the ball
~ When it rains I can make grass patties on the lawn but the boss said no grass patties
   please so I can't play in the rain (but sometimes I do)
~ I`m also in the cub scouts (cub cadet) get it

~ We all speak a little Spanish GRASS-E-ASS

I hope to see you on the turf where I can show off my stuff.
Remember folks you can only find me at Green Acres Lawn Care I come with a Satisfaction Guarantee or
DOUBLE YOUR GRASS BACK. If you see us doing grass in public please honk your horn and give us a big shaka.
                        Mahalo for your support                           Doing Grass Since 2005                
                                 Born to Ride